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Eddyline Kayaks
For more details visit the Eddyline Kayaks website.
  Sandpiper: Length: 12.0 Ft. Beam: 28.0 In. Weight: 38 lbs.

Anyone can paddle this boat! The large cockpit makes getting in or out of this very stable recreational kayak a breeze, even from a dock or boat deck. Take along your kid, your dog, your camera, the groceries, oh - and donīt forget the fishing rod. Itīs stable enough to land a big one. The Sandpiper is easy to maneuver in those backwaters while bird watching and small enough to fit on your yacht. It is so easy to paddle you just might want two.

  Skylark: Length: 12.0 Ft. Beam: 26.0 In. Weight: 40 lbs.

There is nothing that expresses summer more than the skylark singing as it soars high against the sun in a clear blue sky. Experience this joy on the water. The Skylark fits into a new category of kayak considered transitional or cross over. While essentially a recreational kayak in size and fit, the Skylark has been endowed with much more consideration to the features and performance found in a full-fledged sea kayak. We gave it abundant stability and a roomy fit to make the entry-level paddler comfortable, yet the efficiency to keep up with longer boats on an easy cruise. At the same time we want the more experienced paddler to have fun, so we added hard chines for carving and Greenland styling for looks. This kayak is attractive to beginners and one that they can grow in, yet also provides a lightweight and fun alternative to the more experienced paddler. Rudder Free Design.

  Merlin LT: Length: 13.5 Ft. Beam: 23.0 In. Weight: 42 lbs.

The Merlin LT is perfectly suited for persons of lighter stature. It is a full fledged touring kayak with dual bulkheads and hatches, and all the necessary rigging for open water travel, comfort and safety; padded seat and backrest, keyhole cockpit with padded thigh braces, deck bungies for storage and re-entry and retractable carry handles. The LT has adequate storage for a long weekend trip. Smaller in size and lighter in weight, this kayak paddles effortlessly and is easy to load on your car. Don’t be deceived by the size, if the weather blows up you will still be smiling.

  Equinox: Length: 14 Ft. Beam: 25.0 In. Weight: 45 lbs.

As the name suggests, this kayak strikes a perfect balance between two worlds. The Equinox brings together the comfort and stability of recreational kayaks and the performance of a true sea kayak. The efficient V hull and hard chines provide stability and glide in one package. The kayak tracks well and performs leaned turns with ease. The ample cockpit is equipped with thigh braces that give excellent control even to the smaller sized paddler. The Equinox comes fully rigged with elegant styling, front deck bunjis, rear deck re-entry lines, recessed deck fittings and Eddyline's retractable carrying handles and security loops. For comfort and fit we provide hip pads, thigh pads, and our three way adjustable backrest fitted to a comfortable padded seat. The Equinox will delight you with its performance in the water and shines bright under the sun and moon. Rudder Free Design.

  Merlin XT: Length: 15.0 Ft. Beam: 23.0 In. Weight: 46 lbs.

The Merlin XT carries a big payload and still delivers in the water. Designed expressly to offer a good fit to a larger person, it can carry a large cargo weight and still paddle efficiently. Double bulk-headed like the LT, the rear hatch is larger to match the increased cargo capacity and the deck is rigged with carrying handles, deck lines and re-entry system aft of the cockpit and a spare paddle holder. The XT is outfitted with our large padded seat and backrest and padded thigh braces. Rudder Free Design.

  Night Hawk 16: Length: 16.0 Ft. Beam: 22.0 In. Weight: 49 lbs.

The Night Hawk is one of the most graceful birds on the wing. Light, sleek and nimble, the Night Hawk 16 moves through the water with ease and carves turns with a slight lean. The moderate initial stability transitions to a solid secondary as you lean with no surprises in store. This kayak invites you to expand your paddling skills and rewards you for doing so. The retractable skeg expands the range of performance of the hull. Incremental deployment of the skeg will neutral the effects of wind and waves allowing you to focus on where you are going. Rigged for open water, this slim, sporty kayak can haul enough gear for a trip of several days.

  Fathom: Length: 16.5 Ft. Beam: 22 In. Weight: 50 lbs.

The Fathom is a new kayak from Eddyline that is sure to please the paddler looking for that extra edge of performance regardless of your skill level. The Fathom's highly efficient hull is fast, nearly effortless to accelerate to speed, yet carries a comfortable degree of initial stability. The combination of hard chines mid-ship and a healthy degree of rocker provide high secondary stability making leaned carved turns and bow rudder turns a breeze. The Fathom tracks well either forward or backwards and subtle deployment of the skeg in small increments allows for fine tuning in any wind/wave or gear loaded configuration. It's full volume front deck provides ample room for longer legs and feet while the contoured thigh braces makes even the small framed paddler feel a secure fit. The Fathom is a must for any paddler looking for a responsive, lively kayak that will not only please but delight you with it's smooth yet playful nature and it stylish elegant lines.

  Phoenix: Length: 17.0 Ft. Beam: 22.5 In. Weight: 56 lbs.

Every family needs a station wagon and this kayak does the job. The roomy, but not too big cockpit has lots of leg room and a very comfortable fit. This high volume kayak can carry lots of gear for an extended trip or for those driftwood gatherers to take home their prizes. Fitted with all the open water rigging and a retractable skeg, the Phoenix is stable, dry riding and can handle long crossings as well as the tight turns in narrow backwaters. Great for photography too.

  Night Hawk 17.5: Length: 17.5 Ft. Beam: 24.5 In. Weight: 60 lbs.

This roomy, full performance kayak will carry you and all the gear you want, and carry you in style. Designed for the larger paddler, this no compromise kayak is a sea kayak supreme, with full deck rigging, bulk-headed watertight bow and stern compartments, good sized hatch covers and a retractable skeg. The large padded seat has a fully adjustable backrest or optional backband. The large cockpit is available with or without thigh bracing. The high stability combined with a good balance between tracking and turning make this a great open water kayak.

  Falcon S18: Length: 18.0 Ft. Beam: 21.0 In. Weight: 50 lbs.

Falcons are strong, fast fliers with great aerial agility. The Falcon S18 will give you that and a substantially higher top speed for those mile eating cruises or the expedition you have always been wanting to take on. The sleek lines and super efficient swede form hull design make her popular among racers or anyone who has an appetite for get up and go performance. Experienced paddlers will find the initial stability comfortable and the secondary awesome. The paddler looking for a long fast cruising kayak that will appreciate your developing skills should give the Falcon a test paddle for sure.

  Whisper CL: Length: 18.0 Ft. Beam: 28.0 In. Weight: 73 lbs.

Tandem kayaks may not be for everyone, but there is no substitute for good company and, despite their larger size, double kayaks are generally faster and easier to paddle. Conversation is easy in the Whisper because the cockpits are more centrally located giving the bow paddler a drier ride as well. While some paddle coordination is necessary in a kayak like this, it is easier than dancing and just as much fun. This lightweight kayak slices through the water effortlessly and makes coastal cruising a delight you will want to return to over and over.

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