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Prijon Kayaks
For more details visit the Prijon Kayaks website.

Welcome to the world of a nicely designed and outfitted kayak that is at once stable, fast, accomidating and fun. The Cruiser is a large cockpited boat that even experienced paddlers can appreciate. For those new to the sport the Crusier will provide the ability to learn the fundamentals of kayaking and to appreciate the nuances of moving across the water with speed and precision. The Large "Super Rec" cockpit opening is very comfortable and unconfined, yet allows adequate leg contact with the boat for boat control. Its freedom of movement, coupled with remarkable stability, makes it a great boat for fishing and serious photography. All paddlers will appreciate the glide that comes with the hull due to the stiffness from the HTP plastic. This is a great kayak for those wanting a fairly priced utility kayak.
Length: 14' 1" / 430cmHTP Polyethylene- High Performance Thermoplast
Width: 26 3/4 / 67cm In Seat Adjustable HighBack Backrest w/air flow cover
Volume: 107 gal / 405 lStep Fit Footbraces
Weight: 55 lbs / 25 kgSpacious Storage Compartment
Cockpit: 43L x 20WStern Flotation Bulkhead
Dry Capacity Rear: 180 lBow Flotation
Hull Design: Trihedral ABS Plastic Hatch Cover
Paddler Level: Beg-Adv Ergonomic Carrying Handles
Suggest Paddler Wt: 110-250 lbs 50-113 kgDeck Pack Net

Capri Tour

The Capri Tour is a magical mix of a touring and recreational kayak. Glides and carves as your skills advance but tracks in a straight line as you learn. Long enough to carry its speed and track well. Short enough to handle with ease off the water. Light enough to be handled by junior and mature paddlers. The Capri is the essential boat in a minimal scale. The stiff HTP hull ensures remarkable glide in this 12 performer. A true kayak with functional outfitting and an appropriately sized cockpit that both promotes leg contact and paddler control while being accommodating and comfortable for fishing, pond hopping and bay cruising. The pleasurable Capri includes an ergonomic seat, extra comfortable thighbraces and backbrace for extended expeditions. The hatch in the stern includes a bulkhead, which is great for day touring. Experience the magic of Capri!
Length: 12' / 366 cm HTP Polyethylene- High Performance Thermoplast
Width: 25" / 62cm Trim Adjustable Seat
Volume: 98gal/ 370 lErgonomic Thighbraces
Weight: 42 lbs / 20 kgAdjustable Pedal Style Footbraces
Cockpit: 36x18" / 91x45cm Spacious Storage Compartment
Dry Capacity: 5300 cu in Flotation Stern Bulkhead
Hull Design: TrihedralScrew Top ABS Hatch Cover
Paddler Level: Beg-Adv Ergonomic Carrying Handles
Paddler Wt.: 90 - 240lbs 40-82kg Deck Pack Net Fore
 Bow Painter Line

Combi 359 Tour

The Combi Tour, for most, is one of the most versatile boats available. Compact length that is both maneuverable and still fast, the Combi is equally home in a river as more open water. Contrasted with most Touring boats, the Combi turns easier. Contrasted with most river boats, the Combi offers more speed for its length and extremely functional outfitting.
Length: 11'9" / 359 cmHTP Polyethylene- High Performance Thermoplast
Width: 25" / 63 cmTrim Adjustable Seat w/Full Coverage Pad
Volume: 87 gal / 335 lIn Seat Adjustable Backrest w/ Air Flow Cover
Weight: from 51 lbs / 23 kgAdjustable Padded Thighbraces
Cockpit 34.5"L x 19"W / 88cm L x 45cm WAdjustable Pedal Style Footbraces
Rear Dry Capacity: 4881 cu in / 80 litersSpacious Storage Compartment
Hull Design: Multi Chine TrihedralThermoformed Plastic & Neoprene Hatch Cover
Paddler Level: Beg-AdvStern Flotation Bulkhead
Suggest Paddler Wt: 145--255 + lbsScrew Top Deck Box
 Cable Lock Loop
 Ergonomic Carrying Handles
 Bolt On Skeg Optional
 Whitewater Version Available

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