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Epic Kayaks
For more details visit the Epic Kayaks website.

The Epic GPX embodies the perfect blend of stability, light weight and optimal tracking that appeals to water explorers. The GPX is outfitted with 2 bulkheads and 1 storage hatch, deck bungee and an adjustable back rest designed to fit any paddler. The model is the ideal choice for anyone wanting to spend a comfortable day paddling a responsive and highly manageable kayak. New 2006/2007 upgrades over the GP Classic include three extra inches of length, a bigger cockpit and a contoured deck at the paddle entry position to allow a closer, more efficient stroke.

Length: 12' 11"
Width: 25"
Weight - Value Construction: 36 lbs
Weight - Performance Construction: 30 lbs
Weight - Ultra Construction: 24 lbs

The Epic 16X offers a unique mix of stability, maneuverability and speed that paddlers of all ability levels will appreciate. New features upgraded over the 16 cruiser include the advanced Epic Track Master steering system, a longer waterline, an adjustable seat, a longer and wider cockpit and contoured deck cutaways that allow a closer, more efficient stroke. Ample storage makes the 16X an excellent choice for either extended overnight excursions or a day’s paddle.

Length: 16'
Width: 23"
Weight - Performance Construction: 41 lbs
Weight - Ultra Construction: 31 lbs

The Epic 18X is designed for intermediate to advanced paddlers and for those searching for a distinct edge in a high performance kayak. With a long waterline and a sleek, efficient shape, the Epic 18X allows paddlers to cover longer distances and do so with exceptional ease and speed. It features our Epic Track Master steering system and a large storage capacity for transporting camping gear on longer paddling trips or supplies for a day outing. New upgrades over the Endurance include a longer and narrower waterline, longer and wider cockpit, contoured deck cutaways for closer stroke, an adjustable seat and our new Track Master steering system.

Length: 18'
Width: 22"
Weight - Performance Construction: 42 lbs
Weight - Ultra Construction: 32 lbs

EPIC V10 Sport
Want speed and more stability? It's the Epic V10 Sport! The V10 Sport offers much of the flat-water speed and rough water performance of our award winning V10, but with more stability. This is the boat you'll want to paddle for optimum speed in a wide variety of conditions. The V10 Sport has greater comfort and more stability than most other racing surf skis.
The Epic V10 Sport fits a wide variety of sizes, accommodating paddlers from 5'0" to 6'7" in height. The footbrace is fully adjustable with self adjusting pedals.

Length: 20'
Width: 19"
Weight - Performance Construction: 31 lbs
Weight - Ultra Construction: 25 lbs

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