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Paddleboy Boat carts
Stern Carts

The Original end cart comes in two sizes: Small for kayaks and Large for most canoes. Each carries 200 pounds, folds for compact storage, and floats!

Our new Peanut kayak cart is a scaled down version of the Original Large. Its inner dimension is 17” but the upright tubes are fixed at 7.5”, making it suitable for most kayaks. The 8” x1.75” hard wheels with rubber tread will carry up to 150 pounds and the minicell foam will enable it to float. Like the Original, it folds for storage.

Original Air Large
Our Original cart now sports air-filled, 10”x 4” tires for versatility. The Air Large has an inner dimension of 17". Upright tubing extends from 10”-17”. Air Original Large can carry 200 pounds and folds for storage. Tires removable with a cotter pin.

Original Air Small
Our Original cart now sports air-filled, 10”x 4” tires for versatility. The Air Small has an inner dimension of 15” across. Upright tubing extends from 7”-11”. Air Original Small can carry 200 pounds and folds for storage. Tires removable with a cotter pin.

Fat Boy
Fat Boy has an extra-wide frame of 20” inner dimension while upright tubing extends from 10” to 17”. Store this cart by pulling a hairpin cotter to remove the 10” x 4” pneumatic tires and fold the frame. Fat Boy is ideal for canoes and wide kayaks up to 200 pounds.

Excellent for small sea kayak hatches, Molly is 14"x10"x6" and weighs only 3.5 pounds. No disassembly required. The thermal-molded, yellow body is eye-catching and extremely strong, able to haul 150 pounds. Molly has a side-release buckle, a stainless steel axle, and 8" wheels.

Center Carts
Nemo mimics the Heavy Lifter in design and type of tire but will carry only 250 pounds. Unlike the HL, Nemo is made from anodized aluminum. Designed for canoes and kayaks, the kickbar steadies the cart for loading. Tools not required for disassembly. Featured as Air Yedo in 2005 Beginner’s Guide of Canoe & Kayak magazine.

Heavy Lifter
Canoe & Kayak magazine calls our Heavy Lifter "the 4x4 pickup truck of boat carts." This stainless steel hull cart has 10”x 4” pneumatic tires and carries 400 pounds with no axle. Good for small row boats and expedition craft. (Straps not included.)

Wide Rider
The stainless steel Wide Rider will carry up to 400 pounds on its 30” crossbars. Like the Heavy Lifter, it sports 10”x 4” air-filled tires. Rugged terrain is no problem for the 11” clearance and no-axle design. Great for small sailboats, prams and large rowboats. (Straps not included.)

Sit On Top Kayak Carts
Scupper Pup
Scupper Pup fits almost all sit-on-top kayaks because it has two crossbars. One set adjusts from 6”- 11” while the other slides from 11”- 18”. An Allen wrench is provided for crossbar switch outs. Scupper Pup carries up to 200 pounds on its 10” x 4” pneumatic tires which release by pulling a cotter pin. Featured in August 2004 Canoe & Kayak magazine.

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